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Bob Hobdy, MNBG Board Member, has worked with the Department of Land and Natural Resources for over 30 years.  He has made remarkable contributions toward the protection of our native biota by discovering new species and protecting their habitats. Enjoy this short presentation on Botanizing Hobdy Style!

Enjoy this short presentation to learn more about the Gardens.
This video was created in 2008. Some information has changed. Call 808-249-2798 if you have any questions regarding the efforts and/or mission of Maui Nui Botanical Gardens.


Virtual Visit to the Gardens :    

Coastal Strand - 7 snapshots, from right to left (Scientific name [Hawaiian or common name])

1.      Heliotropium anomalum var. argenteum (hinahina)

2.     Heliotropium anomalum var. argenteum (hinahina)

3.      Waltheria indica (‘uhaloa)

4.      Waltheria indica (‘uhaloa)

5.      Scaevola coriacea (creeping naupaka)

6.      Heliotropium anomalum var. argenteum (hinahina)

7.      Sesbania tomentosa (‘ohai)

8.      Ipomoea pes-capraessp. brasiliensis (pohuehue)

9.      Solanum nelsonii (popolo)



Virtual Visit to the Gardens :

Maui Nui Botanical Garden, 6 snapshots from right to left

1.      Argemone glauca (pua kala)

2.      Psydrax odorata (alahe’e)

3.      Heteropogon contortus (pili)

4.      Aleurites moluccana  (kukui)

5.      Artocarpus altilis (‘ulu)

6.      Colocasia esculenta (kalo) –The Garden has a nearly complete collection of the remaining historic
Hawaiian kalo (taro) varieties.

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