Hala pepe (Chrysodracon auwahiensis)

Hawaiian name: Hala pepe
Botanical name: Chrysodracon auwahiensis (formally Pleomele auwahiensis)
Family: Asparagaceae (Asparagus Family)
Status: Endemic
Where found: Maui & Molokai
Water/Light: Dry to moist, with full sun exposure
Elevation range: 1,800 to 4,000 feet
Height: Up to 30 feet

Notes: In Hawaiian, hala pepe means "baby hala." It was likely named so because of its likeness to the Polynesian-introduced hala tree (Pandanus tectorius). Medicinally, early Hawaiians added the leaves of hala pepe to steam baths for treating chills (li‘a), headaches and fever. The soft wood was used for carving images (ki‘i) and to decorate altars. The leaves and flowers can also be used to make beautiful lei. Within a Hawaiian landscape, hala pepe can be used in place of the introduced "money tree." Hala pepe is drought tolerant.

From Work Done by Whit Germano to Catalog Native Hawaiian Plants

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