• Lā‘Ulu - vegan ulu and yucca crust pizza

Lā ‘Ulu – ‘Ono Food

Lā 'Ulu Breadfruit Day has been postponed till 2023.

Please check back here for the new date - this is a FUN event!!!

Whether you grew up loving ‘ulu or have never tasted it, the food at Lā ‘Ulu showcases its versatility.

Hawaiian type breadfruit trees, called ‘ulu, produce fruit from mid-summer to late fall. One oral tradition relates that the god Kū saved his family from a famine by disappearing into the ground, reappearing as the first ‘ulu tree.

Breadfruit is high in carbohydrates, a fair to good source of dietary fiber and many nutrients, and low in fat and protein.

Although secondary to kalo (taro) and ‘uala (sweet potato) in traditional Hawaiian diets, large ‘ulu groves were once cultivated on Maui. Hawaiians baked ‘ulu in imu (underground ovens) and broiled the whole fruits over coals for a starchy staple. Fully ripe, soft breadfruit is sweet and edible raw, but most Pacific recipes use the firm, cooked fruit as a savory starch.

Foods that will be for sale on September 4 will appear here; please check back for updates.

Food vendors and menu items for Lā ‘Ulu 2021 will include:

  • Hōkūao Pelligrino, Nohoanu Farm -
    Insalata Italiana di ‘Ulu (Italian ‘ulu salad), ‘ulu flour
  • Gary Johnson, Hana Ranch
    ‘ulu fries
  • John Cadman, Maui Breadfruit Company
    – vegetarian ‘ulu curry, ‘ulu tamales, Pono Pies, ‘ulu hummus
  • Kevin Bell, Farm to Fridge
    ‘ulu ice cream
  • Dana Shapiro, Hawai‘i ‘Ulu Cooperative -
    ‘ulu flour
Lā ‘Ulu - Ripe 'ulu for sale
Lā ‘Ulu - Ripe 'ulu for sale

This project is sponsored by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, working to improve the lives of Native Hawaiians.

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