2024 In-Person Presentations

Craig talking to a group

Craig Elevitch, Agroforestry Net

Regenerating Our Environment and Food Systems with Breadfruit Agroforestry

Breadfruit has been grown together with numerous other crops in abundant food-producing landscapes for millennia. In this presentation, Craig Elevitch will introduce methods of growing breadfruit in diversified cropping systems in our modern context.


Kaitu presenting

Kaitu Erasito, Kahanu Garden and Preserves

The Art of ʻUlu Propagation

Discover the art of 'Ulu propagation with Kahanu Garden and Preserves Breadfruit Collection Manager - Kaitu Erasito! Dive into the world of air layering, root cutting, and grafting techniques as Kaitu shares his insights. Join us for an enriching experience in cultivating this cherished fruit.


Dana headshot

Dana Shapiro, Hawaiʻi ʻUlu Cooperative

ʻUlu Fruit Best Practices and Overview of Common Varieties

Join Dana Shapiro of Hawaiʻi ʻUlu Cooperative to learn about some of the common breadfruit varieties grown in Hawaiʻi today and best practices for harvest and post-harvest. Discover the best ways to extend your fruit’s shelf life and how different maturity stages can be utilized. The cooperative is a farmer-owned business with 160+ farmer-members located across four islands, including Maui!


Noa holding a large ʻulu

Noa Lincoln, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and Hōkūao Pellegrino Nohoʻana Farm
Updates About Malu ʻUlu o Lele

Dr. Noa Kekuewa Lincoln, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Indigenous Crops and Cropping Systems and Hōkūao Pellegrino is a farmer, historian, and teacher at Kamehameha Schools. The two men have been working to save the lineage of the last remaining ʻulu trees known to have descended from Lāhainā, i ka malu ʻulu o Lele – Lāhainā, in the shade of the breadfruit trees of Lele (Lele is the old name for Lāhainā). Hōkūao will share why ʻulu was historically important in a region severely impacted by the recent fires and Noa will share the work the University has been doing to multiply these historic trees. The trees being grown are maoli or the original canoe crop variety, the only known breadfruit variety that is a pre-European contact Hawaiian ʻulu cultivar.


Shirley holding ʻulu

Shirley Kauhaihao, Hoʻo ʻUlu Ka ʻUlu
Adapting Everyday Dishes for Breadfruit

Having presented numerous breadfruit cooking demos over the past 10 years, Aunty Shirley Kauhaihao is known throughout the Pacific for her adaptations of everyday dishes to include breadfruit. Aunty Shirley will discuss her methods for adapting recipes and demonstrate her latest adaptation.





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