Hawaii Native and Polynesian-Introduced Plants

  • Seeds Sprout After 120 Years!

    by Cathy Davenport, Seed Storage Technician, MNBG Dr. William James Beal began a study in 1879 to test seed dormancy. 142 years later the study is still going on, much…

  • Seed Storage and Heritage Crop Distribution

    MNBG staff highlighting some plants that benefit from our seed storage and Hawaiian heritage crop distribution efforts.

  • A Virtual Introduction to Some of the Hawaiian Plants in the MNBG Collection

    MNBG Executive Director, Tamara Sherrill, virtually introduced some Hawaiian plants and trees to our friends at the City of Miami’s Sustainachella Tree and Plant Rehab Workshop

  • Floral emblems of the islands: Maui’s non-native rose

    By: Tamara Sherrill If you’ve heard about the lei flower or plant representing each Hawaiian island, you may have noticed that most are native. Maui’s flower, the Lokelani Rose, is…

  • Nā ana o Hawai‘i: Hawaiian Body Measurements

    by Kara Ueki Have you worked in your yard and found yourself needing a measuring tape? Ancient Hawaiians found ways to approximate measurements by using the body! What’s great is…

  • ‘Ōhi‘a Seed Banking Initiative

    By Kaili Kosaka The seed bank at MNBG has gotten a lot busier these days. Rapid ‘Ōhi‘a Death (ROD) is of growing concern on Hawai‘i Island and the threat of…

  • Loulu – Hawai’i’s Native Palm

    By: Robert W. Hobdy, MNBG Board member From the Fall 2016 MNBG Newsletter Loulu is the Hawaiian name referring to all of the palm species of the genus Pritchardia found…

  • Seed banking to support a diversity of coastal plants

    by Tamara Sherrill How many native plants grow on your favorite Maui beach? If you are like me, your favorite South shore beach has two: naupaka kahakai and pōhuehue, and…

  • Old Seeds Yield New Species – ‘ena ‘ena

    by Tamara Sherrill We recently cleaned out our seed storage refrigerator and found some seeds that had been collected and stored up to ten years ago. These seeds were at…

  • Conservation at MNBG

    By Tamara Sherrill Conservation of native plants is a multi-faceted effort and one in which the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens (MNBG) plays several important roles. First, we educate. A visit…

The Garden is located at 150 Kanaloa Avenue in Kahului, Maui, right across from the War Memorial Stadium.
(808) 249-2798

Hours of Operation
Tuesday through Saturday,
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Closed occasionally for inclement weather and Hawaii State Holidays.

Members:   Free
General:   $10
Keiki Under 12:   Free
Kama'aina:   Free
(with Hawai'i ID)

Please Consider
Making a Donation

Every dollar contributed to Maui Nui Botanical Gardens goes directly towards the preservation of Native Hawaiian Plants and the upkeep of our collection that includes some of the rarest specimens in whole world!