Craft Vendors

Vendors will be selected by July 1, 2024! 
Check back for updates. 



Hawaiian Cultural Activities & Demonstrations

Celebrate the ethnobotanical uses of ʻulu with free hands-on activities and demonstrations, ongoing throughout the day.



Kahōkūala Papa Hana Lei will teach you how to make lei from pōʻulu (aka malo ʻulu), the beautiful and long lasting leaf bracts found under all ʻulu trees.


kapa making


Lisa Schattenburg-Raymond and Kaleʻa Raymond will demonstrate how to make kapa from ʻulu bast (inner bark).




Hawaiian Games

Come try your hand at ‘ulu maika (bowling with stone discs, originally made from ‘ulu fruit), moa pahe‘e (wooden dart sliding), ‘ō’ō ‘ihe (spear target practice with banana stump targets), kōnane (a game like checkers with black basalt and white coral stones), and hukihuki (tug-of-war).


Check back for more activities as they are confirmed!

A young man teaching a young boy kuʻi ʻai




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