Hunakai (Ipomoea imperati)

Hawaiian name: Hunakai
Botanical name: Ipomoea imperati
Family: Convolvulaceae (Morning Glory Family)
Status: Indigenous
Where found: Maui, Moloka‘i, O‘ahu, Ni‘ihau & Kaua‘i
Water/Light: Dry, with full sun exposure
Elevation range: 0 to 150 feet
Height: Less than 1 foot, with an up to 30 foot spread (vine)

Notes: Hunakai means "sea foam" in Hawaiian, which is appropriate considering its shoreline habitat. This native morning glory, with its bright white flowers, is easy to maintain in a landscape and stays very low to the ground. In some areas of the world, hunakai is used medicinally to treat inflammation, swelling, and postpartum pain. Hunakai is drought, wind, salt and heat tolerant.
— at Maui Nui Botanical Gardens.

From Work Done by Whit Germano to Catalog Native Hawaiian Plants

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